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The IE Group’s strong emphasis on personalisation and self-awareness creation throughout the process, together with practical coaching, ensures each individual experiences deep, sustainable development and transferable skills in their growth areas.

Our methodologies have been designed on the back of more than 23 years of working with leaders and their teams around the world and is the topic of Gail Cameron’s new book Authentic African Leadership.  Our approach follows 5 simple steps as follows:

  1. Establish your Success Profile

What are your desired objectives?

  1. Where do the strengths and growth areas lie?

We use scientific instruments to determine your needs

  1. Design a learning agenda

The IE group specialists will assist you in designing your personalized development journey either individually or for your team

  1. Practice new learnings in a safe environment

At the IE Group premises, a serene environment that influences behavioural change.

  1. Behavioural transfer occurs

Our methodology consisting of either individual, group or combination coaching, results in an awareness of best practice leadership, personal impact power and the vital communicative tools to lead, direct and motivate with distinction.

We offer individual and group coaching.