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Gail Cameron


Gail Cameron is the Founder and Managing Director of the Image Excellence Group with more than twenty years experience as a leadership coach.

A Fellow of Trinity College London, her book Voice Excellence was published in 1994. Gail also appears in the book ‘Inspirational Women’ as well as being a Finalist in South Africa’s Most influential Women In Business and Government for 2008 and nominated again in 2014 and 2015.  An internationally acclaimed speaker, Gail has addressed the IABC’s conference in New York in 2008 on Authentic African Leadership and in San Francisco the following year on The Impact of EQ in Business. In 2010 Gail addressed business leaders at the international conference in Toronto on “The Quantum Physics of Leadership Success”, where she was rated 6th out of 67 speakers.   In June 2014 Gail, addressed the international conference on Nelson Mandela’s leadership impact and was awarded the prestigious All Star Speaker designation from the IABC.

Her second book Authentic African Leadership was published in November 2013.

Gail consults locally and internationally to leaders in the corporate and political spectrum.

Specialist Coaches

Roger Ballard-Tremeer

Cultural Diversity and Protocol Specialist – BA (Hons) Wits, TTHD, JSC, M.Inst.Dir

Dr. Kay Brugge

Transformational Life Strategist – (BA) Hons; MA (UP); D.Litt et Phil (UJ).

Ronelle Huddy

Industrial Psychologist – BA (SocSci) UCT, BA Honours (Psych) UCT, MA (Industrial Psych) UCT

Ruth Ancer

Clinical Psychologist – MA (Clinical Psychology, Rhodes), BA Hons (Social work, Wits)

Margie Dick

Psychologist / Neurotherapist – M.ED. Educ. Psych. (RAU)

Linda Aiyer

Internationally Accredited Leadership and Business Coach

Alistaire Lategan

Certified Leadership and Business Coach

Elri Wium

Specialist in Non-Verbal Behaviour, Voice & Speech Production, and Emotion

Dr Rean du Plessis

Specialist Leadership Coach, Organisational Psychologist – Strategic Leadership and Leader in Transition

Johanica Havenga

Executive Coach and Body integration Specialist

Clarissa Diedericks

Executive Image Coach, Business Language Specialist and Voice and Speech Practitioner.

Lurinda Maree

Industrial Psychologist/Executive Coach/Performance Practitioner

Specialist Coaches

Byron Huntley

International Coach based in New Zealand

Mareli Kruger

International Coach based in Amsterdam

Professional Staff

Rienie Bezuidenhout

Office Manager

Memory Chipoke

Coaching Coordinator

Support Staff

Faith Mlea


Daniel Monye


Our team is primarily the experience and the constant improvement of professional qualifications.