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The IE Group specialists conduct motivational presentations aimed to inspire, uplift, educate and empower your audience. To book a speaker please send your enquiry to 011 781 -1444

Examples of some of the motivational, inspirational uplifting presentations given by our specialists:

Authentic African Leadership and Nelson Mandela’s Leadership Style – By Gail Cameron (MD of the Image Excellence Group)

Following a 20 year period of working with, researching and assisting top leaders in Africa to achieve their potential, comes a 256 page book on the topic, condensed to a 20 minute inspirational talk, an intimate look, at one of the world’s most iconic leaders.

Gail Cameron, presented this Ted style talk at the international Association of Business Communicator’s conference in Toronto where she gamered much praise from the international audience who attended the conference.

“This was the most inspirational talk at the conference. Thank you for your wisdom and storytelling.” – Fiona Callison – Toronto

Verona’s Story – By Gail Cameron (MD of the Image Excellence Group)

Verona’s story is an extraordinary journey of courage, resilience; self-discovery and renewal. Her ability to endure and overcome the hardship in her life is almost a microcosm of a nation at was with itself – South Africa’s painful transformation to democracy, to a nation able to heal itself and chart a courageous path forward.

In this unique story Gail Cameron will unveil scientific evidence that links Verona’s inherent capacity to organisational leadership success. Identify emotional intelligence competencies such as courage and self awareness to ignite your own outstanding performance. Understand scientific leadership theories that propel Leaders into real positions of power.

“We’d like to thank you again for sharing your very special presentation with our clients. We were moved by the story and empowered with your nuggets of wisdom. You have such a beautiful way of presenting too.” -Caren Rennie, Partner at Citadel Wealth Management

The Quantum Physics of Success – By Gail Cameron (MD of the Image Excellence Group)

This talk was delivered by Gail Cameron at the international Association of Business Communicators in Toronto in June 2010. It’s not very often, that a new idea emerges on the horizon that is capable of transforming thinking.  In this ground breaking talk Gail Cameron will capture your imagination and turn your world upside down!

The truth is that there is spectacular convergence going on right now between the scientific fraternities and psychodynamics.  Therefore it is more important than ever that we understand the impact of how our thoughts, feelings and intentions create our reality.

By exploring some of the latest scientific breakthroughs by physicists who changed the world, you will gain greater insight into your thinking and the forces that create your reality, ultimately your growth and success.

Strategic Image Management – By the IE Group Image Specialist

As women we all know that we often dress how we feel, the aim is to dress how we want to feel. We now know that we have the ability to dress for the position we want, instead of the one we have. Building confidence comes from knowing your personality and wearing it with pride and class every day. Our image coach will inspire your audience to develop personal impact power, build confidence and enhance their individual and corporate style.

The content of this talk would be tailored to suit the brand your company wishes to project into the market, and could include:

  • First impressions
  • Discovering the essence of image management and how to achieve it
  • Meeting the client’s expectation- dressing for success
  • Exploring the different categories of business wear and power dressing
  • The dress-down phenomenon, what is appropriate on casual Friday’s
  • The CEO imitation factor- how leaders influence their team’s behavior and Image
  • Exploring style personalities and how to incorporate your personality into company brand
  • The psychology of colour
  • Body shape analysis
  • Hair and Make-up tips
  • Wardrobe planning- how to shop with a budget

Mindfulness in 2017 – By Gail Cameron (MD of the Image Excellence Group)

Human knowledge is doubling every 13 months; this explosion of information brings challenges and obstacles of its own for everyone. With the latest technology and global trends, we have become connected and defined by what we do in a 24 hour day, influencing our ability to concentrate, be decisive, act assertively and manage time and stress effectively.

The fast-paced, stressful, deadline-driven world can be detrimental for individuals, relationships and organisations.

Gail will discuss Mindfulness as a technique to overcome these challenges in 2017.

Jason Laing : TED Talk Motivational Speaker

On the 18 of March 2015 whilst training for the provincial and SA Track cycling championships on a velodrome track, where he reached speeds close to 70 km per hour, Jason suffered a devastating accident which left him fighting for his life. He suffered severe brain injuries along with 32 areas of his body either broken, dislocated, compressed or collapsed along with internal bleeding of the brain.

However, Jason’s determination to survive and recover was greater than any injury he suffered.  His resultant unique brain processing ability including the processing of complex algorithms to provide innovative solutions to high performance teams, combined with an absolute passion to enable others, makes Jason the most impactful speaker for 2017.

Jason’s story of courage and hope has resulted in him being selected to participate as a speaker in the international TED Talks in Nairobi earlier this year.  His story will amaze and inspire those who hear it.  Jason is currently a finalist in being selected for training at the NASA research facility in California.

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