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Our client service workshops are fun, practical and interactive. They are designed to provide delegates with concrete skills that they can apply to heighten their interaction with clients. All areas of communicative expression that influence client service are addressed. The workshops can be customised to fit the level, industry and communication mediums applied. We can address face-to-face, telephonic or written communication in a client service context. A suitable workshop is designed, drawing from the following elements:

  • Creating positive impact in a service context
  • Applying the primacy effective as a brand ambassador
  • Adopting a clear and pleasant voice and speech tone
  • Optimising vocal delivery in telephonic interactions
  • Projecting positive non-verbal signals
  • Applying active listening and positive turn-taking
  • Adopting a positive and diplomatic language tone
  • Structure ideas positively and clearly in spoken and written interaction
  • Displaying empathy and responsiveness

“Ghost-calls” and “mystery visits” may be conducted prior to the workshop to determine the primary service challenges and related growth-areas. Interactive workshops utilise practical activities, simulations and self-assessment to achieve outcomes.

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