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Why conduct specialised frontline training?


Organisations that skillfully manage the entire customer experience reap benefits such as:

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Increased Revenue
  • Greater Employee Satisfaction


Organizations need to manage customer touch points and look at their frontline service offering as a memorable moment forming a critical part of the part of the customer journey.


It has become increasingly important to manage customer touch points and redesign the frontline service. The more likeable the frontline staff, the more memorable the business becomes.


This specialised training will distance you from your competition and develop the skills of the frontline staff to maintain a concierge like service of the highest quality and standard.


Frontline staff can emulate the key qualities of a highly skilled concierge. They are the “go-to” person who has the tenacity and calmness to execute any guest’s needs and special requests.


This specialised training provides the opportunity to build professional confidence in a safe environment. Delegates can develop their skills and reinvent themselves in the impressive profile of a professional front line staff member. We provide them with tools to offer high-end guest service.





Ideal Participants for the specialised frontline training:


This training is appropriate for frontline staff as well as entry level supervisors that have to either provide or manage frontline services.


Objective Outcomes of specialised frontline training:

  • By creating brand awareness amongst the delegates, this will empower them with knowledge and understanding of the organisation as a brand, who they are and what they do. Brand values, vision and mission will integrated and communicated throughout the content of the workshop


  • Delegates will become more aware that within their role, they express a measure of control over the customer journey and form a critical part of the customer experience.


  • Through this master class and the development of their skills, delegates will be engaged to experience their role at the core of delivering excellent service.


  • Delegates will recognise that as an individual and employee, they have the ability to create a compelling brand experience.


  • Delegates will feel equipped to address problem situations they experience and be provided with the tools to deliver a positive customer experience.


  • Delegates should feel engaged, connected and committed to the organisation. Through skills development and aligning their personal brand to the corporate brand, we aim to influence their willingness to learn and perform as a brand ambassador.


Format of specialised frontline training:

Blended Approach: A combination of a Group workshop and individual one- on – one training.



Modules explored in this Masterclass:


  • Guest Arrival:

Greeting and ‘checking in’ guests seamlessly


  • Communication:

Delivering clear and concise written and verbal communication

  • Email Etiquette:

Including receiving and processing of meeting requests and booking of meeting rooms in a timely and effective manner

  • Telephone Etiquette:

Dealing with incoming and outgoing telephone calls including voice articulation


  • Receiving and processing of customer requests:

In a timely and effective manner


  • Conflict Resolution:

Dealing effectively with difficult customers


  • Brand awareness:

Develop an understanding of what the organisation does (speak the brand). Educate delegates on brands primary service offering


  • Effective Listening:

In this module, delegates will practise listening:


  • With empathy – viewing the message from the speaker’s perspective
  • Without interfering – receiving the speaker’s message without interrupting or reacting without careful consideration and thought
  • For what people mean – hearing precisely what the speaker means and not what we assume he/she means
  • At all levels – verbal, physical and emotional
  • Without judgement – resisting the distraction of “trigger words” and responding emotionally


  • Speaking with Intent: Being Succinct, Specific and Generous
  • Efficiently and effectively saying what you need to without devolving into detail and drama
  • Saying exactly what you mean without being vague, avoiding an issue or incompletely engaging with the receiver of your message
  • Speaking with a win-win intent while simultaneously creating rapport and building trust


  • Positive Behavioural Change: Awareness, Practice, Habit
  • Exploring what it takes to change including initial awareness of new information, examining current behaviour, developing actions to change negative behaviour, engaging in “praxis”(action-reflection) to further one’s progress and establishing new habits of behaviour



Investment and More information:

Please contact Kiley for more information and cost of this specialised training.

Marketing Practitioner I E:  I T: 011 781 1444 |


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