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Why choose executive coaching?

Executive and leadership coaching is the learning development tool of choice for senior executives and CEOs.  Together with clients and coaches we can change behaviour or organisational culture, as well as develop talent potential in high performing individuals.


There is a need to develop people’s emotional intelligence including the “softer” skills such as self-awareness, empathy and interpersonal skills; these skills are considered just as important for today’s leaders as good business acumen.


By investing in developing leaders, organisations will leverage their competitive advantage in this increasingly competitive global business environment.


It is essential that you choose the right coach. The IE Group Coach will:

  • Create a safe environment in which people see their strengths and areas of development
  • Identify gaps and design a road map for the client/coachee to reach their personal and professional goals
  • Influence behavioural change through interactive, engaging sessions
  • Guide the process of development through maintaining structure, accountability, and support to influence individual commitment and behavioural change
  • Tap into client’s/coachee’s existing knowledge of the corporate world
  • Demonstrate their depth of experience in working with over 70 000 executives locally and globally
  • Provide a track record of success, testimonials and sound references
  • Establish a trusting relationship in a safe enviroment
  • Maintain confidentiality allowing trusting relationships to grow between coach and coachee
  • Challenge and support clients for optimal growth


To book a complimentary assessment and meet with an executive coach, contact: I 011 781 1444 I

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