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How does a personal coaching programme work?

Step 1: A personal, interview-based, one-on-one assessment, done by one of our highly qualified specialists at our premises. The coaches will then analyse your results and design a training programme that suits your personal and specific development needs.

Step 2: Your results and recommendations are presented in an assessment report, which explains the outcomes to be achieved as well as proposed training methods to achieve the desired outcomes. The proposal includes details about the duration and costs of your recommended training.

Step 3: Once you have agreed to the training proposal, your individual coaching sessions will be booked according to your time-schedule, preferences and the depth of your training objectives. Training then begins with a one-hour session per week, normally over a period of three to nine months – all depending on your needs and diary availability. The gaps between training sessions allow time for you to practice and master the newly learnt skills before moving on to the next level. You will have one-on-one interactions with our specialist coaches. Sessions may involve role-playing and may also be filmed or recorded.  All this takes place at our premises in Randburg.

Coaching comprises a unique combination of physical, emotional and behavioural refinement. You will be given a specially designed programme that works for you and that allows for real personal growth.

What are the benefits you should expect to see after a programme?

Because we design a specialised programme according to your personal development needs, the benefits that you will see after completing a training programme are unique to the specific programme you followed. Specific objectives will be set for you and you will be given time between training sessions to practice the skills you have been taught. The clarity of objectives will enable you to measure your progress.

Your expectations can vary from raised awareness to complete communicative behavioural change in the particular field of expertise that you were wanting to improve.

Whether your training revolved around improvement of your presentation skills, your leadership abilities or your language skills (to mention just a few), you will certainly walk out with refined skills, new confidence and new strength for the relevant development area. You will be able to make a bigger impact and come across more confident in which ever area it is you have been coached on.

What areas or locations do we operate from?

The IE Group primarily operates from Gauteng (Johannesburg, South Africa), but we are accustomed to flying to destinations around the country and other parts of Africa including Nigeria, Kenya and Botswana.

Individual assessments and coaching sessions take place at our Randburg premises, while assessments and training for workshops / groups normally take place at the relevant company’s premises.

What do we mean by ‘coaching’ and ‘training’?

‘Coaching’ refers to a guided process aimed at achieving goals that the delegate sets, while ‘training’ applies theory and practical methodology to enhance skills. Our approach employs relevant elements of both training and coaching to ensure practical outcomes.

What level of individuals can we coach or work with?

The advantage of working with a personalised coaching style is that we can work directly with whatever level our clients are on. In other words, as a client you need not qualify for coaching by already being on a certain level. Our goal is to analyse your abilities and to help you to move forward and improve from there.

Although we tend to work primarily with business leaders on more advanced levels, we are not limited to high levels, as our methodology allows us to meet the exact needs of our clients or audiences.

For group workshops we require that all of the delegates are on a similar level.