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In addition to personal one-on-one coaching, our specialists also design and facilitate training for groups. Workshops will not only raise awareness and improve understanding through theoretical illustration, but will also ensure the application of concepts. Our approach involves presentations and practical facilitation, through for example, interactive simulation (role-play).

Topics for customised workshop training include:

  • Winning Proposals
  • Advanced Language Elements/ Linguistic Expression
  • Impression Management: Your Personal Impact Power/ Personal Brand
  • Leadership Communication – Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Women in Leadership
  • Writing Skills
  • Presentation Delivery Skills
  • Persuasive expression/ Interaction Skills
  • Assertive Communication in Conflict Settings / Interaction Skills
  • Client Service
  • Non-Verbal Expression
  • Stress Management
  • Preparing and Delivering Technical Presentations
  • Line Manager Communication Skills
  • Cultural Diversity Communication
  • Organisational Communication

Tailor-made programmes – also in ‘combination’ formats

Workshops are tailor-made to meet the specific objectives of each group of similar delegates. Groups between 10 -12 delegates ensure optimal personal attention and application. Some topics do however lend themselves to larger groups.

We also design programmes to include elements of both group training and individual coaching sessions. For example, we may do Presentation Delivery Skills in groups, but conduct individual sessions for voice training.

Where do Workshops take place?

Group training and workshops are conducted either in-house, or at our premises in Randburg.

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