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When it comes to first impressions we know very well that it is our instinct to judge someone by the way that they look. That is why when we have a job interview, or are meeting potential clients, we put our best foot forward and dress in the most professional way possible. But then we find ourselves slipping as we get comfortable in our work environment. We stop putting in as much effort, dressing more casually and not wearing make-up anymore.

What we don’t know is, that though we have created a good first impression that can be undone as time goes on and you don’t portray yourself in best light. Dressing professionally at work should be regarded as a professional strategy, where you aim to match the expectations of your clients and command the respect of your colleagues.

Not only does power dressing to work every day create a positive reaction from those around you, but dressing well also affects the way you feel and your self-confidence. According to Professor Abraham M. Rutchick in his study, “The Cognitive Consequences of Formal Clothing”: “putting on formal clothes makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world.” These changes in how we see the world and ourselves actually encourage us to perform to the standards which we are portraying.

So why limit your greatness to that initial meeting? Make that conscious effort to show others what you are capable of and fulfil your true potential.

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Zandile Khulu

Image Consultant

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