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A short course consisting of 6 sessions (6 hours) R1 800,00 per session

Voice and speech are the main communication tools in business. We explore the refinement of all aspects of voice, speech and pronunciation development to elevate this important tool. Our approach to voice, speech and pronunciation is: to optimise clarity and vocal impact.

• (1 hour) Acquire three-dimensional breathing, relaxation and body-alignment are explored when necessary to promote effective vocal habits, with economy of effort.
• (1 hour) Learn what oral resonance is and how to acquire it: Oral resonance and placement is explored when the placement of sound affects pronunciation and speech clarity.
• (1 hour) Understand the prosodic elements of speech to refine the use of pace, pitch, tone, inflection, emphasis, pause and phrasing. Refinement secures clear, well-modulated speech that enables coaches to express ideas with increased impact.
• (1 hour) Develop articulation. Acquire clear speech by assessing and refining the way in which sounds are articulated.
• (1 hour) Understand phonemes and stress patterns by refining the specific phonemes (sounds) that affect clarity.
• (1 hour) Understand and refine The vowel-system to eliminate habitual pronunciation errors and enable coaches to use clearer, more neutral English. We will identify the first-language interferences and introduce the English sounds to elevate pronunciation. We will also identify the consonantal-system to promote clear speech by introducing the most important voiced and unvoiced English consonants to enhance the rhythm of speech.

We offer individual and group coaching.

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