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Programmes will commence with this aspect to heighten self-awareness and supply a non-cognitive profile. Our resident Psychologist will conduct the Reuven Bar-On EQ-i Assessment and provide confidential feedback. This assessment profile indicates aspects of emotional competencies that influence cognitive style. We will then link this to the individuals communicative output to ensure holistic development throughout the programme.

Compelling scientific evidence drawn from decades of analysis within world-class organisations show that emotional intelligence is central to building winning teams.  The IE Group specialist  will enable understanding of this new intelligence and the competencies required to deepen or develop their emotional intelligence.

The IE Group specialists can help you develop your emotionally intelligent competencies. The specialist will explore the following with you:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • The impact of EQ in business
  • How to create resonance to attract, retain and deepen important relationships
  • Understanding the Sacrifice Syndrome and explore the cycle of renewal
  • Understand why EQ is central to leadership success

This element of emotional intelligence and a new neuroscience that emerged in 2003 has become the hot topic for the 21st century.  Competence in this area makes the most electable politicians, skilled negotiators, and the most successful, high performing teams.  Understand this new critical competence and participate in practical applications such as role play simulations to enhance this vital skill

We offer individual and group coaching.

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