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Image Consulting

Our in-house Personal Branding and Image Specialist can assist you with the following:

  • Personal shopping
  • Personal styling
  • Dress code design
  • Uniform design and implementation
  • Corporate Style Guides
  • Fashion Trends in business
  • Make- overs

Previous research suggested that you have 30 seconds to attract attention and create the desire to know more. According to Professor Shea, who wrote the book called “The Primacy Effect”, he said you are lucky if you get 15 seconds to make a positive and lasting first impression.

Critical first impressions – unless your reputation has been fully and firmly established what your team looks like and the way in which they communicate becomes the defining corporate brand.

The IE Group specialists can help you develop your personal impact power, build confidence, define your personal brand and enhance your style.  The specialist will explore the following with you:

  • Discovering the essence of image management and how to achieve it
  • Meeting the client’s / employer’s expectation
  • Exploring the different categories of business wear and power dressing
  • The dress-down phenomenon, what is appropriate
  • Accessories
  • Style do’s and don’ts
  • Tips, trends, shape, colour and proportion
  • Body and face shape analysis
  • Creating an impactful Leadership Brand

We offer individual and group coaching.

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