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A short course consisting of 6 sessions (6 hours) R1 800,00 per session

The art of acquiring effective conversation skills is easy in this short course with our team of specialists:

• (1 hour) Examine your ability to influence appropriately and acquire effective enhancement strategies.
• (1 hour) Active listening, turn-taking and topic control form the foundation of interpersonal fluency. Explore your personal style and acquire practical strategies to refine your skills.
• (1 hour)Understand social intelligence from social awareness that enables the sensing of others’ inner states to managing your own responses to ensure appropriate rapport, empathy and influencing skills.
• (1 hour)Acquire effective strategies to sell ideas and influence with integrity – includes practical application
• (1 hour) Refine voice, speech and non-verbal behaviour to communicate with impact and variety

We offer individual and group coaching.

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