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Leadership Coaching

With over 23 years of experience in developing leaders locally and globally, we know that as leaders advance up the corporate ladder, expectations rise and patience falls. It is critical to respond quickly and effectively to new and challenging expectations. Effective Leadership Communication skills are invaluable and our coaching solution for leaders, is designed to ensure that leaders are equipped to handle leadership stress and challenges, so they have the ability to lead, direct and motivate with confidence.

Research shows, and experience confirms, that organizations with strong and effective leadership at all levels achieve superior business results, while organizations with inconsistent leadership achieve less satisfactory results (Source: Link and Learn TM Newsletter).

The IE Group Leadership specialists can help you define your strengths and areas of development as a leader and will explore the following leadership modules with you:

  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership
  • Leaders in Transition
  • Define and Develop your Leadership Brand
  • The Quantum Physics of Leadership Success
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Authentic African Leadership
  • The Emotional Manager
  • Leadership Communication

We offer individual and group coaching.

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