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A short course consisting of 6 sessions (6 hours) R1 800,00 per session

What is Personal Impact Power?

You are able to hold listener attention. Listeners are interested in your opinion and don’t interrupt when you speak. When you enter a room, people notice you. You are often greeted with warmth and respect. Having personal impact power is not a popularity contest, it is knowing who you are and projecting authentic confidence to sell yourself and your ideas.

Personal impact power is a crucial part of the primacy effect. The primacy effect is what psychologists call that critical impact we make, when we meet someone for the first time. The primacy effect is made up of a primacy criteria namely visual, vocal and psychological impactors.


This short course will include the following critical impactors:

• Visual impact (2 hours) : Project an appropriate image to match the expectations of your audience whether it be face-to-face or online. Our image consultants will explore your visual brand and help you craft an appropriate and impactful visual brand.
• Vocal impact (2 hours): The voice and speech mechanism remains one of the most powerful indices of character. Work with our voice and speech specialists to refine your voice and speech skills – discover how breathing can affect your voice, use resonance – warmth and depth to hold listener attention and increase modulation to incorporate variety into the voice.
• Communication Techniques (2 hours) : Acquire effective influencing strategies (with practical role play) to structure winning statements to sell yourself and your id


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