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Presentation Delivery Skills

By May 10, 2013No Comments

Our specialisation in areas such as voice, speech, language and non-verbal expression enables us to develop all aspects of presentation delivery. This coupled with significant experience coaching clients for public speaking add to the depth and practical methodology applied in this programme. We customise the content, following a needs analysis, to address the group’s requirements and can include the following elements:

  • Voice and speech elements such as breath-control, projection, rate and modulation
  • Language expression relevant to presentations (explores clarity, description, tone and persuasion)
  • Non-verbal expression including posture, gesture, space, movement and energy
  • Combatting nervousness practically
  • Strategies for effective structuring and enhancement of content
  • Technical elements such as visual aids are examined for a delivery angle

Our communication specialists collaborate to ensure a highly practical workshop that provides delegates with in-depth feedback and repair strategies that aid confidence and optimise impact.