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On the 1st of August the IE Group held their annual Woman’s day event at our offices in Randburg. The event was attended by various high profile delegates who came together to celebrate a wonderful occasion.

Gail Cameron, the managing director of the IE Group:

“Celebrating Women’s Day today at the IE Group was a particularly memorable moment for our team, as not only is it important to celebrate and empower women, but today also marks our 20th year in business.

As I began to tell the story of Monica Singer, the CEO of STRATE the licensed Central Securities Depository in SA, I could sense the deep reflection many of the women were going through listening to the story of this remarkable women and how despite growing up under difficult circumstances, was able to overcome incredible hardship and face down her adversaries  in a variety of patriarchal environments.

And so refreshing was it too to hear from Monica herself emphasising the importance of knowing yourself, being true to yourself and projecting confidence.  The truth is that the time has come for women to be accelerated into positions of power as a strategic imperative, as we have the skills to lead in the new economic order.

Women’s exceptional faculties are designed to meet the demands of the 21st century economic community.  Consider the following:

  • They are talented with words – often better at languages
  • They are better at reading non-verbal behaviour
  • They are emotionally sensitive and have more empathy
  • They are patient
  • Their multi-tasking is legendary
  • They are gifted networkers and collaborators
  • They prefer co-operating than commanding
  • They are very successful at building egalitarian teams
  • They are comfortable in sharing information
  • They readily accept ambiguity
  • Honour intuition over rationality
  • Today women earn one third of all science doctorates
  • In the US women have outnumbered men in college for more than a decade and now more are receiving bachelor’s degrees in science fields too


Also be aware that:

We are living in the era of the ascendancy of people oriented leadership.  It is primarily relational and participatory approach that requires a commitment to listen and understand – strengths of women leaders.  Now is the time to believe in yourselves and lead, direct and motivate with confidence.”

The IE Group would like to thank all those who attended as well as our vendors who displayed their market leading products to all of our guests.

  • BMW Club Motors Randburg
  • Herbalife
  • Demi Goddess
  • Honey
  • Accesories by Mandy Lee
  • Café Duarte