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A personal commitment to refining her own communicative style, led to a lifelong dedication to developing the skills of others.

The IE Group is a multi-disciplinary team of specialists coaching an awareness of best practice leadership and the vital emotional and behavioural tools required to lead, direct and motivate with distinction.

We empower our clients to communicate with impact, manage impressions, influence and master interpersonal competence. These critical abilities produce powerful brand ambassadors who captivate imagination and turn strategy into reality. The IE Group’s approach is scientific, holistic and integrated, utilising subject matter experts and specialists around identified areas of growth, to achieve practical and behavioural change.

This approach enables us to shape the many layers that influence communicative expression, including the emotional, physical and inter-personal aspects – and ultimately personal and professional effectiveness. Our strong emphasis on personalisation and self-awareness creation throughout the process, together with practical training, ensures each individual experiences deep, sustainable development in their growth areas.